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Business Development Russia Companies Worldwide
  • Specializing in high-quality, affordable onsite business training, PTR offers highly-tailored courses, dynamic speakers, and customer service.
  • Consulting services include customized workshops, seminars and one-to-one training for corporate, institutional and small business clients.
  • Seminars for the purchasing and supply management.
  • Indianapolis area consulting firm specializing in seminar and speaking services focused on productivity, efficiency and organization.
  • Professional etiquette and protocol training and certification.
  • Delivers leadership development training, 360 multi-rater feedback instruments, Carlson Learning products, DISC, time management, listening and stress management.
  • Specializes in training professionals in the systems and skills of business development.
  • Helping businesses develop training programs.
  • Delivering results to the motor, financial and retail industries worldwide through training, innovation and interaction.
  • Consulting, training, coaching and retreats for personal and organizational development and transformation.
  • Provides online business education and training, including custom-produced instruction and assessment programs. Includes information about programs, clients, and awards.
  • Work primarily with the leadership to magnify communication skills; create morale building teamwork; help executives, managers, and supervisors set and achieve
  • A training and consulting firm providing customized programs to improve management skills, team building, communication skills, customer service, sales and career
  • Specializes in personal, professional, and organizational change, helping individuals and organizations overcome obstacles to productivity.
  • Provides Management Development and Training solutions for companies around the world to help them improve their business performance. Courses are available in-house and
  • Leverages a company's intellectual and creative capital to quickly solve problems and generate new ideas, whether through on-site workshops, online forums, or an ongoing
  • 4- to 10- week courses in business geared toward the working professional. Certificate of completion programs in management, marketing, project management, HR, and
  • Provider of effective and affordable business training and consulting services, including on-site training in project management, work systems, problem solving and
  • Training courses spanning a wide range of business disciplines, ranging from body language and sales training, to computer based personality assessments and online
  • Businesses training and consultancy, conferences management, national training and continuing education directory.
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